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ITU-T/CCITT G.703 Telecom Balun 75 Ohm to 120 Ohm 

(All True 75 ohm connectors)

=> ITU-T/CCITT G703 Telecom Mini Balun: fully shield for EMC and RFI Compliance

=> ITU-T/CCITT G703 Telecom Krone Balun IDC 3 pole series

New balun connector designed for international WAN environments. Specifically created for the ITU-T/CCITT G.703 TELECOM applications, the balun provides conversion between 75 Ohm and 120 Ohm G. 703 interfaces. The unit supports data rate up to 2.048 Mbps (E1) and is packaged in an ultra miniature enclosure.
For those of you who may not be familiar with G. 703, it is similar to T1 or DDS standards in the USA. This interface standard is used throughout the world to specify the physical and electrical characteristics which enable the interconnection of digital network components. For example G703 is the connection standard for EI services in Europe (more tutorial in upcoming issues).
This balun simply converts 75 Ohm G. 703 transmit signals to 120 Ohm signals for transmission over network, or reception by a CPE. It also converts 120 Ohm G. 703 transmit signals to 75 Ohm signals. The signals produced conform to the pulse shape requirements outlined in the standard.

Specification : All TRUE 75 ohm 
  • Data rate to 2.048 Mbps 
  • 75 Ohm dual coax to 120 Ohm twisted pair (USA 75 Ohm to 100 Ohm) 
  • Bi-directional signal conversion 
  • No AC power or batteries needed 
  • Male or female coax BNC connector available (DIN 1.6 / 5.6, 1.0/2.3, type 43 connectors available) 
  • Ultra-miniature enclosure 
Electrical Characteristics & Performance  
(2-8 Mbit/s speed version for E1 (T1), E2 (T2) data streams) 
  • Impedance : 75 Ohm to 120ohm / 100 ohm 
  • Insertion loss : Max. 0.2dB (2Mbps); Max. 0.3dB (8Mbps) 
  • Return loss : -29dB (2Mbps); -21dB (8Mbps) 
  • Cross talk : better than -80dB from 0.1 to 12MHz between any two baluns on a DDF strip with 15mm centers 
Major Features : 
  • 100% test for reliability and durability 
  • Meets or execeeds CCITT recommendation G. 703 Specification and IEEE requirements 
  • Standard or custom configuration available 
  • Low cost, high quality, superior performance 
Balun ordering information (BNC, 1.6/5.6, Type 43, 1.0/2.3 to RJ45): 


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