to  G.703 Mini Balun series, fully shield for DDF)
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ITU-T/CCITT G703 Mini Balun: (TRUE 75 OHM connectors)
Temple Star Inc. ITU-T/CCITT G.703 Mini Balun fully shielded design ideal in telecom applications where size and space are restricted to small dimension.  Ideal for panel mounting or cable mounting and feature IDC termination which allow installation without special tools.  Surface mount transformers inside are replacements to traditional coaxial, ceramic and printed circuit board baluns.   In addition, conversion to twisted pair cabling enables the use of high density IDC modules in Digital Distribution Frames (DDF) thus significantly decreasing wiring densities.

* 75 ohm coax to 120 ohm twisted pair
* Data Rate to 2.048 mbps
* Speed range 2 - 8 Mbit/s
* Bi-directional signal conversion
* No AC power or batteries needed
* Ultra miniature exclosure, fully shield for EMI

Electrical Characteristics & Performance 
2-8 Mbit/s speed version for E1 (T1), E2 (T2) data streams
Impedance             : 75 Ohm to 120ohm / 100 ohm 
Insertion loss          : Max. 0.2dB (2Mbps); Max. 0.3dB (8Mbps)
Return loss             : -29dB (2Mbps); -21dB (8Mbps)
Cross talk                : better than -80dB from 0.1 to 12MHz between any two baluns mounted                                   on a DDF (Digital Distribution Frame) strip with 15mm centers

1.6/5.6 female Straight Bulkhead ,Testing report
1.6/5.6 MALE Straight Screw Coupling, Testing report
BNC male Straight mini balun spec, Testing report
BNC Female Bulkhead Mini Balun
BNC female panel mount mini balun
BT 43/SMZ male Balun spec, Testing report
float mount Type 43 white ring/BT type 43/SMZ) male Balun spec, Testing report
Type 43 floating male blue ring(BT Type 43) HDC mini balun
BT43 female mini balun
1.0/2.3 Male Straight Posi-lock Coupling
1.0/2.3 Female Straight Bulkhead
mini balun termination procedure
Standard Gauge AWG22~24;   0.48mm IDC slot for 0.5mm to 0.65 mm copper wire diameter
AWG30/32: 0.2mm IDC slot for 0.2mm to 0.32mm copper wire diameter.
AWG28/26: 0.35mm IDC slot for 0.32 to 0.5 mm copper wire diameter.
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