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Temple Star high quality VGA Balun offers an ideal link between data output equipment and VGA monitors using 4-pair Category 5 shielded cabling, eliminating the cost and clutter associated with heavier VGA cables. With the VGA Balun at both the transmission and receiving  ends of your setup you can enjoy an impressive transmission distance of up to 137 m (450 ft.) and a clear 640 X 480 pixel resolution. Designed for use with computers, LCD monitors and multimedia projectors, Temple Star VGA Balun is perfect for classrooms, public presentations and video information systems. For better quality performance always use this product in conjunction with shielded cabling. 
Temple Star VGA Balun works in conjunction with laptops, PCs, CRT and flat-screen LCD monitors and multimedia projectors. Typical applications include corporate projection systems, classroom video instruction and video information systems.
Specification :
Environment : 
Component Video (YPbPr), RGB Video (sync on green). 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p. 
Devices :
DVD players, satellite receivers, plasma displays, projectors, monitors, up-converters, amplifiers, switchers, home theatre and other equipment supporting HDTV component video and/or digital audio (Dolby Digital & dts)
Transmission :
Transparent to the user.
Input Signals :
Video: 1.1Vp-p 
Horizontal sync: TTL standard. 300kHz max. Bandwidth. 
Vertical sync: TTL standard. 300kHz max. Bandwidth. 
Insertion Loss :
Less than 3 dB per pair over the frequency range. 
Common Mode Rejection (CMMR) : 
15kHz -60dB max. 
100kHz to 10MHz -40dB max. 
100MHz -20dB max. 
Video Signal Return Loss :
-15dB max from DC to 60MHz 
Video Differential Gain : 
+/- 2% 
Video Differential Phase :
+/- 2% 
RJ45 shielded 
229M269S: DB15 HD Plug (Connects to VGA output of PC), 6" lead 
229F209S: DB15 HD Receptacle (Connects to VGA monitor input) 
Max. Distance via Cat 5 Twisted Pair 
VGA: 640x480 pixels (15MHz) 450ft (137m) 
SVGA: 800x600 pixels (30MHz) 350ft (107m) 
XGA: 1024x768 pixels (60MHz) 250ft (76m) 
SXGA: 1280x1024 pixels (100MHz) 200ft (61m) 
RJ45 Pin Configuration Reverse Polarity Sensitive :
R Video (Red) Pin 1 (+) Pin 2 (-) Balanced 
G Video (Green) Pin 4 (+) Pin 5 (-) Balanced 
B Video (Blue) Pin 7 (+) Pin 8 (-) Balanced 
Horizontal Sync: Pin 3 
Vertical Sync: Pin 6 
Horizontal & Vertical: Sync Return 
STP cable: Shield. 
UTP cable: Not connected 
+5VDC: Not connected 
ID0: Not connected 
SDA: Not connected 
SCL: Not connected
Cable : 
Cat 5 shielded twisted pair (STP) is recommended. Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) may be used when there is full signal ground continuity between the VGA source and the VGA display. 
Impedance : 
Input: RGB 75 ohms (DB15 HD) Unbalanced Output: RGB 100 ohms (RJ45 shielded) Balanced Horizontal and vertical sync: TTL standard 
Temperature : 
Operating : 0 to 55 degree C. Storage : -20 to 85 degree C. Humidity : up to 95% non-cond. 
Enclosure : 
ABS fire retardant plastic
Dimensions :
1.93"x1.69"x0.84" (49.2x43.0x21.5 mm) plus 6" cable lead for video. 
Mounting :
Free-standing. Separate Velcro mounting pad included
Order Information :
229M269S VGA Balun, PC Side, DB15HD Plug, 6" cable. 
229F209S VGA Balun, Monitor Side, DB15HD Receptacle

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