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KAQA ISO-9001: 2000  Connector Factory

Insulation Resistance:
Insulation material should be 100M ohm min. Measured with a 500VDC insulation resistance meter.

Contact resistance:
Contact resistance between two contacts (normally closed) should be 30m ohm max. At 1k Hz less than 100 mA.

Soldering Heat:
245 degree C +/-5 degree C, degree for 5 +/-1 seconds.

Rated voltage DC end current:
12V, 2A max.

Temperature Test:
Part shall be subjected to a temperature range of 70 degree C +/-2 degree C to -25 degree C +/-2 degree C for half an hour and then remain to a room temperature for two hours to be tested again. The part shall not show remarkable failure.

Insertion & Extraction Force:
Insertion & Extraction force: 0.3kg ~ 3.0kg with a match plug.

Life Test:
Part to be tested under a condition that to use a match plug coated with a thin film of grease in order to prevent from heating or wearing at a rate of 5 to 10 cycles. Per minute under no load of 4000 cycles. The part shall still comply with: Insertion & Extraction force: 0.3kg ~ 3.0kg.

Part No : Description : (click picture for detailed drawing or contact us)
    *  RL-1414-6, Barrel: all Brass 
    *  RL-1414-9, Barrel: all Brass 
   *  RL-1414-4D 
  *   RL-1515-3A
  • *   RL-1515-3B
  •  *   DR-4124
  •  *    RL-1418-6G
      *  RJ-4213     
     *  RL-1414-3HG 
     *  RL-1414-4 
       *  RL-1416-3 
  • *   RL-1414-4LG

      *   RL-1390
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